Tucson Split Air Conditioning, Tucson Mini Split Air Conditioning & Tucson Split AC Installation.

Tucson Split Air Conditioning, Tucson Mini Split Air Conditioning & Tucson Split AC Installation.2024-05-14T10:23:03-07:00

Mini Split Air Conditioning Installation Tucson

Oracle Mini Split Air Conditioning Service Tucson
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Tucson Split Air Conditioning – Tucson Split AC Installation – Tucson Mini Split Air Conditioning

Mini Split Air Conditioner System Repair TucsonPlatinum Air Heating & Cooling, Tucson’s mini split AC specialists. We can repair, maintain, and install your air conditioning system. Tucson residents have trusted us for years on their split systems, and you can trust us too! We can repair any air conditioning unit and install brand-new units.

Tucson Split AC systems are an excellent option for residential air conditioning. We install a single condenser and wall-mounted units in rooms that need cooling or heating. This allows the homeowner better control of temperatures for each room and drives down your energy costs.

Our split AC specialists offer top-notch service. We always quote affordable rates. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We do jobs right the first time. As a result, we guarantee all our products and services. Our Tucson split AC installation clients have rewarded us with 5.0 stars on Google. You can rest assured when we service your HVAC system. Our team is certified to install all cooling brand systems for new AC systems. Plus, we can recommend the perfect design for your individual needs. We have several brands to choose from. All the manufacturers offer several sizes and cooling capacities. These will meet any demand and application.

Mini Split Air Conditioning Service TucsonDon’t suffer through the heat. You will find that we have the best prices in Tucson. We will ensure your air conditioning during our hot summer months. We are also available to maintain your HVAC system when winter comes. You can rest assured that your unit will run the following summer. We can install an inexpensive mini-split system when one room is too hot.

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Affordable Tucson Mini Split Air Conditioning

Contact Platinum Heating & CoolingPlatinum Air Heating & Cooling has offered split AC systems for years. So, we’ve got you covered whether you need a brand-new system or a repair. Please call (520) 867-9861 to schedule an appointment. We offer split AC units, the best mini-split AC, and Tucson split AC installation. We also provide Tucson mini-split air conditioning.

FAQs about Split Air Conditioning Tucson

What are the advantages of a ductless mini split system?2024-04-25T15:14:47-07:00

The principal advantages of mini-splits are their small size and flexibility for cooling individual rooms. Some models can handle four rooms connected to one outdoor unit.

How long does ductless mini split systems last?2023-01-18T21:58:35-07:00

Mini-split systems last about the same number of years as your traditional HVAC system. With good maintenance and not excessive use, they should last 20 years.

How much do ductless mini split systems cost to install?2023-01-18T21:59:03-07:00

The cost of purchasing and installing a ductless mini-split air conditioning installation costs $1,700 to $8,500. This is dependent on the quality and room size you want to heat or cool.

How does a ductless ac unit work?2023-01-18T21:59:28-07:00

Ductless AC systems work precisely as regular AC units but without air ducts. When in AC mode, the air handler runs warm air from inside the house over evaporator coils filled with refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air. The heat is then sent to the outdoor unit.

When your home needs heating, this process is reversed. The outdoor unit absorbs heat from the outside air and then passes this air through the refrigerant line to your air handler. This process creates the warm air that is blown into your home.

What is a split AC unit?2023-01-18T22:00:09-07:00

A split AC unit or ductless air conditioning system is a cooling unit that might include heating and does not include ductwork. There are two components in a split system. An outdoor heat pump and an air handling unit that is located outdoors.

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