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For air conditioning repair, Tucson residents trust Platinum Air Heating & Cooling. Platinum Air Tucson AC technicians are exceptionally trained in AC repair. They are certified to work on any air conditioning brand. When the weather heats up, you want to know that your air conditioning unit is correctly sized. You need to verify that it works. For years people have trusted our Tucson AC repair technicians. They trust our staff to keep them running at their optimal performance levels.

One way we recommend to keep your system running at its best is by changing the filters. You also need tune-ups on your unit twice a year.

Our Tucson air conditioning repair technician starts by gathering information from you. They take into account what you’ve been noticing at its performance level.

Tucson residents can rest assured that our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem. They will tell you what needs to be replaced as part of your AC repair. Our Tucson techs diagnostic process entails many inspections. We test your unit for the following:

  • Test electrical systems.
  • Test run the unit.
  • Check the refrigerant pressure.
  • Check the air filter.
  • Check for mechanical errors.
  • Ensure the condenser and evaporator coils are clear of any dirt or debris.
  • Check the communication between the thermostat and the unit.
  • Check ductwork for air leaks.
  • AC Repair.

Contact us on how to save money on ac repair, heating, and HVAC repair. We also handle heating, air conditioning repair, and air conditioning repair. We are the best at Tucson home air conditioning repair. Call (520) 867-9861 to schedule Home Air Conditioning Repair. We offer Air Purifiers & Air Scrubber installation.


Why is my HVAC making noise?2022-11-09T17:43:33+00:00

Most HVAC systems make some noise. When we analyze strange noises in an AC system, we often have to look at every aspect of the system, starting with the age of the unit.

What does an HVAC repair include?2022-01-06T22:21:48+00:00

An HVAC service includes a complete checkup. Platinum Air performs all AC checkups with licensed service technicians weekly Covid tested. We inspect your HVAC for leaks, problems with electrical connections, wiring, and efficient thermostat operation.

Why does my AC Unit need more coolant every year?2022-01-06T22:16:15+00:00

An AC unit only needs more yearly refrigerants if there is a leak in your cooling system. The leak might be slow and happen over time. Unfortunately, this can be expensive to replace every year. This is an excellent reason to have regular air conditioning maintenance service.

How often should you tune your HVAC?2022-11-10T00:11:23+00:00

AC units should be tuned up once a year. However, for older units, get them tuned twice a year. The older the HVAC, the more love and care it needs to survive the hot summer months.

How can I minimize the number of HVAC repairs?2021-10-29T18:02:35+00:00

Protect your heating system by keeping current on preventative maintenance. Set up annual preventive maintenance and tune-ups for your heating system with Platinum Air. Tune-ups provide the needed service to keep your heater at peak performance and efficiency. It will also reduce the need for costly breakdowns during the winter season. The most straightforward and most crucial DIY task is to change your HVAC filter every three months. This will maximize the airflow thru your heater system and minimize the strain on your system.

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