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Goodman Air Handler Services TucsonNo Air Coming Out of Your Vents? 

You’ve probably never heard of a Tucson air handler.

The air handler is the problem if your air conditioning and heating system are run and no air is coming out. We can help.

Platinum Air Heating & Cooling employs air conditioning and heating experts.

They can diagnose and repair your problem right the first time. Get the experts that Tucson homeowners trust.

What is a Tucson Air Handler?

A Tucson air handler is essential to your air conditioning and heating system that holds the fan. The fan distributes the heated and cooled air throughout your home.

There are three leading heating and cooling systems in the Tucson area. The kind of system affects where your air handler is located.

  • Split air conditioner and furnace:
  • You have an outside air conditioning unit (likely on the ground outside your home). It also has a furnace inside your attic or closet. The air handler is part of the furnace.
  • Split heat pump:
    Split heat pumps are much the same as the first, but no furnace exists. Your outside unit handles both the heating and cooling of your home. But there is still an air handler in your attic or closet. It distributes the heated and cooled air throughout your ducts.
  • Packaged (rooftop) air conditioning and heating:
    The Goodman air handler is packaged with the outdoor unit into one piece.

Call Me for Tucson HVAC repairWhy Do You Want a Money-Saving, Variable-Speed Goodman Air Handler?

Call 520-867-9861 for information about the Goodman air handler. We can help you save money on your HVAC air handler repair. We can help you fix your Tucson utility bills by upgrading to an energy-efficient air conditioner.

FAQ About Tucson Air Handlers – Tucson HVAC Air Handler

Are air handlers easy to set up?2023-01-18T22:03:44-07:00

Surprisingly, many air handlers can be easy to set up and takedown.

Do air handlers improve AC effectiveness?2023-01-18T22:04:08-07:00

Yes, they absolutely can. Many air handlers can be used with chillers to offer more effective air conditioning solutions.

Do air handlers come in different sizes?2023-01-18T22:04:39-07:00

Yes! In fact, we have a selection of air handlers available from 5,000 CFM to 20,000 CFM. We are more than happy to help you identify the appropriate unit size for your space and cooling/heating needs.

What components are included in an air handler unit?2023-01-18T22:05:05-07:00

Heating & cooling elements: From cooling coils to heat exchanger coils, there are various elements inside an air handler unit. Different elements for heating and cooling may be incorporated based on the needs of the area. For instance, cold areas require frost coils. In contrast, areas with high humidity require a cooling coil with an over-cool feature so that condensation occurs when the dew point is reached.

Filters: Filters are an essential part of an air handler as they keep the air clean and free of dust. Several types of filters may be used, often in the same unit. It all depends on the specific needs of a space. Filters must be regularly cleaned and changed to continue to efficiently do their job.

Humidifier: A humidifier is added to units used in cool climates where the heater is frequently on. A humidifier adds moisture to prevent dry, static air. There are different humidifiers commonly used, from evaporative to spray mist.

Heat recovery device: This can reduce energy usage and increase overall capacity.

Controls: The controls are used to govern the mechanisms of a system, such as flow rate, air temperature, humidity, and air quality.

Vibration isolators: These are used to reduce the noise and vibrations created by the air handler to the rest of the building.

What are some different types of air handlers?2023-01-18T21:57:45-07:00

Terminal units are small, simple air handlers. They only contain an air filter, coil, and blower.

Makeup air units (MAU) is a larger unit. They condition outside air and do not incorporate recirculated air.

Packaged unit (PU) also known as a rooftop unit (RTU) is an air handler designed to be used outside. They are usually placed on rooftops.

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