We’ve teamed up with a team of experts who have extensive experience when it comes to AC repair. They understand more than anyone how important it is for you to get a service you can count on, time and time again. That is why when you work with us, you can rest assured, knowing that we will carry out any repair you need in record time without going over budget. 

We have extensive knowledge when it comes to AC repair, not to mention that we also have access to manufacturer technical support. We can identify faults quickly, before rectifying them properly. To meet our stringent repair deadlines, we always have a range of parts in our van. In addition, we have access to locally sourced parts as well.

Inspecting your AC Unit

We can inspect your AC unit on-site, and pinpoint the source of the issue before suggesting a solid solution. With years of experience in the sector, it’s safe to say that we are competitive and trustworthy for all of your AC repairs and requirements. Where further time is needed for a repair, we will always provide you with a quote, so you can rest assured knowing that you can trust us to get the job done.

Warranties on All AC Repair Marana AZ

When we carry out a repair, we always ensure that you get a warranty for the part used. That way, if there is ever a fault, you can count on us to come out and fix the issue in no time at all. 

We have carried out nearly every repair imaginable, whether you struggled with getting your system to turn on because of a faulty supply or simply can’t get any heat in your home. It’s safe to say that we can handle it all and more. 

Although our services are affordable, we never compromise on quality, so you can feel confident knowing that the parts you are ordering are made to last and up to industry standards.

Types of Air Conditioner Repairs

Our team can make a variety of air conditioning repairs. Here are some of our most common repairs.

Stale Smelling Air

Over time, bacteria and dirt can build up, leaving condensed water. This can create a build-up of bacteria on the cooling coils, which can not only influence the efficiency of your system but also create a dangerous environment for your family.

Thermostat Failure

Another repair we commonly perform would be thermostat failures. Not able to turn on your air conditioner via the remote, or if your remote just doesn’t seem to be connecting well? e will calibrate everything and ensure  there is enough airflow around the thermostat if it is fixed. 

If you have a failed or faulty unit, we will fix the issue in the shortest possible time so you are not left without a unit when you need it the most.

Freezing Up

When you have an air conditioner that has stopped working, most of the time, dirt accumulation is to blame. No air will be drawn into the unit, which can stop your system from working. 

A deep clean should fix this issue, but at the same time, if you have a leak, then the unit may fail. This may lead to even more expensive issues later down the line. 

You may also have to pay for costly rectification work, which is the last thing you need. Any freezing can also lead to contamination within the room, creating a breeding ground for – definitely not a desirable outcome.

Get in Touch

Of course, whether your unit isn’t working or you need someone to come and take a look at your inefficient system, we are proud to say that we are some of the finest air conditioning repair experts in the industry. Not only will we get the job done, but also leave you confident for any future repairs.

If you want to know more about our AC repair Marana AZ service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be more than happy to work with you to ensure that you get the result you want.