During Tucson’s hottest summer days, your air conditioner may struggle to keep up with your temperature preferences. Some days, your AC may run continuously from sun up to sun down. But is it bad for your AC to run all day? 

The answer depends on your definition of “bad.” Running an AC all day isn’t unsafe, but it places great strain on your system, potentially causing it to break down faster. If your AC is running all day, contact Platinum Air Heating & Cooling, the best AC repair company in Tucson, for assistance. 

What Are the Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Running AC Continuously?

Running your air conditioning system all day poses both short-term and long-term effects that you should be aware of. The short-term effects may include:

  • Higher energy costs: The impact of running your AC all day on your energy bills is significant. You’ll likely see a noticeable difference in your energy costs after just a few days of running your AC nonstop. 
  • Comfort levels: If your AC needs to run continuously to keep your home at the desired temperature, your space may not feel as cool as it would on a normal day. Your thermostat must continuously signal to your AC to kick on and start cooling your home, which means it’s lingering at a warmer temperature than it should. 

Meanwhile, the long-term effects may be more significant:

  • Wear and tear: Over time, running your AC all day will wear down your system, leading you to need a replacement faster. 
  • Maintenance: You’ll need to replace your HVAC filter faster and complete other maintenance tasks sooner with this higher level of AC usage. 

Tips for Efficient AC Operation 

Is it bad for your AC to run all day? It’s something you should try to avoid if possible. While some may say that there are pros and cons of continuous AC operation — the pros being that your AC never needs to cool your home by more than one degree at a time — it really indicates that your AC isn’t meeting your needs. 

Review these tips to improve your system’s energy efficiency and prevent continuous AC usage:

  • Keep curtains and blinds closed to prevent sunlight from heating up your home
  • Raise your temperature setting by a few degrees; the EPA recommends setting it at 78 in the summer. 
  • Invest in a more efficient model. Your AC may be too small for your home or not have the energy capacity to meet your cooling needs. 

Seek Professional AC Assistance From Platinum Air Heating & Cooling

At Platinum Air Heating & Cooling, we commonly get the question, “Is it bad for your AC to run all day?” It may be bad for your energy bills, your home’s comfort, and your system’s longevity. 

If you’re looking to achieve optimal AC usage for energy savings and system performance, we can help. We’ll perform regular AC maintenance, evaluate your system’s efficiency, and suggest a replacement, if necessary. Call 520-867-9861 and schedule a quote today.