If you notice excess moisture near your home’s vents, you’ll want to know how to get to the bottom of the situation. Figuring out how to stop water dripping from your AC vent — and why it may be dripping in the first place — can help you protect both your HVAC system and your home from further damage.

For quality air conditioning services you can rely on, trust Tucson’s best AC repair team to find the root cause of water dripping from your ventilation system. We’ll help you learn about what causes dripping AC vents, how to fix the problem, and more.

Reasons Why Water May Be Dripping From Vents

Are you wondering how to stop water dripping from your AC vent? While it’s important to fix the problem, you first have to understand what’s causing it. Each issue will require a different repair method, so your AC experts will need to troubleshoot your system before they can provide you with a solution.

Frozen Coils

Every air conditioning unit has evaporator coils. Sometimes, these coils get dirty, or they freeze if you’re running the AC when it’s already cool outside. If this occurs, the frozen evaporator coils cannot function properly, so they can’t remove heat from the air and can create an overflow of ice and cold water that may blow into the home.

Refrigerant Issues

Low levels of refrigerant can lead to AC problems. When there’s insufficient refrigerant, the coils and condenser pump can freeze, leading to leaks throughout the AC system. That said, refrigerant is not something homeowners should handle on their own since it is not safe for skin contact and the fumes are hazardous.

Dirty Furnace Filters

To achieve the appropriate level of airflow, you need a clean air filter. A dirty air filter does not allow air to move properly throughout the AC system. This puts excess strain on the unit and can cause the AC to “freeze.” When this happens, water can leak out of the vents.

Condensate Pump Issues

Typically, the condensate pump is the area in your AC where water gathers before it’s pushed outside the home. When the condensate pump is broken, the water will not drain out of the pump and instead can stay in the AC system, which may result in water leaks from your vents.

Poor AC Installation

Improper installation of your HVAC unit can be a reason why your unit may not function appropriately and ultimately experience water dripping from vents. The most common issue with a poor installation is that the drip pan may be off-kilter. When this happens, it can cause water to pool, which can increase moisture inside the vents.

Insufficient Insulation

The last common culprit of water dripping from the AC vent is poor ductwork insulation. If there’s poor insulation, then moisture can build up in the ductwork before traveling throughout the vents.

Preventing Water Drips From AC Vents

The best way to prevent this issue from occurring in the first place is by having regular air conditioner maintenance, seasonal check-ins, and changing your AC filter on time.

Furthermore, only trust trained technicians for AC installation so you can guarantee your unit will work properly from the first moment it arrives at your home.

Fixing AC Vent Water Leakage

If you want tips to stop water coming from the AC vent, you should ultimately get expert advice. Depending on the problem causing the dripping, there are plenty of specific solutions for AC vent dripping issues. 

The steps for halting water leaks from AC vents are as follows:

  • Switch off the AC
  • Remove the affected vent to inspect
  • Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove excess standing water
  • Check the outdoor unit for noticeable signs of water damage or flooding
  • Call experts to inspect the unit in detail

Rely on Trusted HVAC Experts in Tucson, AZ

If you notice your air conditioning is not cooling and water is dripping from your vents, then it’s time to call in help from heating and cooling experts. 

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