One of the things with winter is that usually; we are too busy focusing on staying warm than we are on looking after the things that are keeping us warm! That includes your HVAC system.

Whether its a system that is in your home, or your business, ensuring the air and the heating is working effectively and efficiently is key to a safe and comfortable holiday season.

Here are our top 3 ways you can keep your HVAC in top working order this winter:

1. Change the air filters every 30 days. If you dont, it means your system is going to be working a lot harder than it would otherwise and the air will not only be less fresh, but youll also be spending more money on your energy bills! Changing the filters is something you can probably do yourself. If you arent sure where to look, the filter is usually located with or behind the return air duct, near the air handler. If you pull it out and find it is dirty, give it a wash or vacuum. If need be, get a new one.

2. One of the problems we have in winter is our lack of desire to go outside when its cold, not to mention snow all over the ground / roof. But at some point, youre going to need to go out to check the unit. You need to remove any potential blockages from nearby that includes twigs, leaves, grass and snow. Make sure there is a clear space of at least 2 feet around the system to ensure the air flow you are getting is quality.

3. Mold. The worst thing about having mold in your system is the effect it can have on your health, or the health of those around you. Allergies, lung disorders, asthma not to mention the smell that fills up your home or office; can all wreak havoc on every day living. When it comes to mold in the HVAC, you really want to try to prevent it. That means ensuring you have the right size system, making sure its properly maintained, and keeping abreast of the filters and drainage to ensure everything is working right. If its too late for prevention, you need intervention so get a professional in to check and fix any problems.
We hope these tips help! If you want some help, give us a call!